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Finding skin care at a bargain can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you’re known for having sensitive skin. But today I thought I would share with you some of the cheaper skin care product which I have enjoyed and have been using more than I thought I would.


The first product which I picked up for about €2.50, and by the brand Cien, was this cleansing milk. This is one of the first cleansing milks that I have bought and can’t really compare it to a similar product. So far I am actually really enjoying this product, It’s left my skin feeling very fresh and soft. It also hasn’t irritated my skin, which I sometimes find with cheaper skin care products.


The next two are a day and night cream by Olaz. These were both around €4  each and I would definitely buy them again. As well as being a day cream It’s also a primer, which I find really helps me to have a smooth make-up application. I also really like the night cream because I find it super hydrating and really helps me to wake up to more moisturised skin.


The next product is this facial toner by Alvira. As you can probably tell I have used alot of this toner already, that’s because I enjoy it so much and works really nicely on  my skin. I have tried a cheaper toner before and I have found that they make my skin really sensitive and irritate my skin. But with this one I have had none of those problems. It also has a really nice fresh scent which isn’t too pungent.


And last but not least I have this eye cream, again from Cien. I like this product. However, I do find this product a little sticky, until it has been completely absorbed by your skin. I find It does help me with my eye-makeup application, because it does hydrate my eyes. The scent of this moisturiser is pomegranate, but it reminds me of the smell of when you first open playdough,which take me back to when I was younger.



14 thoughts on “Skin Care Products at a Bargain

  1. I have to try some of these! Acne with no money is hard to maintain!

    Ive just written about my experience with acne and how ive cleared my skin. Would you mind reading it and giving me feedback?


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  2. Love your blog, talk about a bargain have you tried Avon, whoa THE best tried and true celebrating 130 years and counting, totally following you now, love your blog, i hope you can do the same.



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      1. Ahh yes, i know that stick well.. lol.. excellent choice girl. You should try our line of true color its amazing, the lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes and more. Youll be pleased. Thanks again i love your posts.



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