Hello Again Everyone!

So I have been gone for a little while now, I’m currently re-decorating my bedroom and switching rooms, it’s a little bit hectic. (but I will probably do a post on my new room, so stay tuned for that in the up coming week or so) But anyway a little while ago I did a post on my favoutite spring nail colours, and because it’s now summer I thought I would share with you all some of my favourite summer nail colours!


The first two colours which I actually really enjoy wearing in the summer are these two, and they are: ‘Maybelline Colour show’ in the shade ‘Pow Green’ (I actually included this in my spring favourites). And one from Rimmel London in the shade ‘280 Sunshine’. I just personally love the fact that both of these shades are super bright and fun for the summer season.



Next I Have these 3 colours from ‘La Femme Beauty’. These three shades are more shimmery, but not overly shear. From left to right we have:

  • Ultra Pink (I’m pretty sure this was the shade name, but unfortunately the shade name on this one has rubbed off). But anyway this colour is a very pretty pink,
  • Next we have ‘Lime Cream’ which is a very lovely green shade. I have never really worn any other green shades apart from this one and of course the Maybelline one above.
  • And last but not least, ‘Orange Cream’.(again unfortunately the shade name has rubbed off, but it was something along these lines) I love this shade, It’s super fun to wear in the summer and of course Halloween. But I love how shimmery the colour is.



During summer I also really enjoy wearing more red and pink tones and I have three which I know are going to be getting a lot of use this summer. From left to right we have:

  • Another colour from the natural collection. ( I shared a different one in my Spring Nail Faves). This time we have ‘Lunar Haze’. Again this shade is not opaque, unless you layer it alot. Its very shimmery and has a very pretty purple tint to it.
  • Next we have one from ‘Wild & More’ (52). Now this is definitly a more Barbie pink, and for that reason It’s perfect for the summer.
  • Lastly, we have another one from beautyUk, and this actually came in the same set as the pink one in my Spring Faves. It’s a very beautiful red shade.

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