So for me, as I am very sure for many of you, there is a handful of eyeshadow colours which I have never been able to pull off. This is probably due to the fact that I have never really strayed far from my comfort zone when it comes to wearing a really vivid colour, like yellow or hot pink, etc. Today I thought I would share with you some of the particular eyeshadow colours which I have always been afraid to wear

Aviary Photo_131376625036515181

For me purple always looks like I have been punched in the eye or I have not got enough sleep the previous night. I feel like this colour could work really well if you applied it as a hint of colour rather than surrounding your entire eye in a sea of purple. But then again I have seen some really nice purple eyeshadow looks… I guess I will have to explore some tutorials for this colour 🙂

Aviary Photo_131376625836050357

Again, like the purple I have seen some amazing blue eyeshadow looks. I especially love it when it fades out to orange tones, I think it looks incredible. But I fear this colour so much, It’s not a colour that I can comfortable go out In public with. I would feel like the dame in a pantomime (I am probably exaggerating here!) And I think maybe if the shades that I own were a bit more matte I would find them more wearable, so maybe I will add matte blue eyeshadow to my makeup list.

So those are the main eyeshadow colours which don’t exactly come at the top of my favourite list, but you never know it might encourage me to have ago and experiment with them a bit more. Aside from that there is other eyeshadow colours which I have never ‘conquered’, but these are the main two colours that I own which never really find themselves being used.


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