Seeing as I am a huge fan of nail polishes and, It’s spring I thought I would share with you some of my favourite nail polishes that I have been absolutely loving this season!

Aviary Photo_131376653970266180

Now the first one is a MAYBELLINE one and it is from the ‘Color Show By Colorama’collection. (In the shade 754 Pow Green). I absolutely love this colour, I must admit that when I first got it I was a little unsure about the colour. But it’s actually such an awesome colour. It’s super bright, but not blindingly neon, it’s kinda like a muted neon.

Aviary Photo_131376656830261809

During spring I am a huge fan of wearing pastel colours, and this next one is from RIMMEL LONDON from the ‘Rita Ora’ collection. It’s such a beautiful pastel lavender shade and it is one of my most worn shades of nail polish. I also just wan’t to say that I absolutely love the brushes in Rimmel nail polishes, I like the fact that they are broad and flat, but they’re not mega wide, they fit the nail very nicely. (The name of this shade is 558 ‘GO WILD-ER-NESS’).

Aviary Photo_131376657274050880

I love wearing nude shades all thoughout the year and I particularly liked this nail polish, mainly because of the price (around £1) and because of the brush. I’m not really sure how to describe it, Its round, but slightly flat. This is in the shade 111 ‘SILKY NUDE’ and is actually a company produced in the Netherlands. But I actually am in  love with the shade It’s more of a peachy toned nude. (I do want to say that this nail polish does not last as long as I would like, for me it lasts about a day before it starts to chip, but for the price I really can’t complain!)

Aviary Photo_131376655395475862

Next from the NATURAL COLLECTION (which I love),  I have the shade 23334 ‘TOPAZ’. For me this colour is perfect for spring because it’s super light and shiny, It has a sort of metallic look. But I particularly like this colour because It’s not completely sheer because you can still see the natural nail underneath at certain angles, and at other angles you see the actual polish.

Aviary Photo_131376656120471292

And last, but not least I have one from BEAUTY UK, this one actually came in a set with 5 other nail polish colours. And I love them all equally, but this is probably my most worn one during spring, alongside the yellow shade. The colour is very bright, and I adore it because It’s such a barbie pink colour and is very wearable on your nails.


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