Well Howdy Ho!

It’s me again coming at you again with another blog post! So school can be quite a pain, especially when you’ve forgotten something simple, like the time when you forget that hairband for PE so you have to go round frantically asking all the other girls in the changing rooms if they have a spare one, Or the time when you’re finally allowed to listen to music, but those headphones that you know you keep in the bottom of your bag have just magically vanished, ughhh….frustrating, trust me… I know! I could never find things in my bag in highschool, but I swear as soon as I got home and checked my bag they just suddenly reappeared. And I know there is probably a lot of you out there that share the same problem so I thought I would create a ‘School Essential kit’ and share with you all exactly what I keep in it. The bag I am using is one from clinique and I am so in love with the bright colours.

So being a girl, I’m obviously gonna need something for that time of the month, now I’m not really gonna go into detail but I keep a few things for that time in my essentials kit. But also you can help a fellow girl out if they ever need a product.

I almost always keep a couple of painkillers on me incase I ever get a headache or feel ill. So I keep a couple in this kit so they don’t get lost in the never ending chaos in my bag.

I always carry around hair bands, bobby pins and a hairbrush around with me. Just because sometimes I need to just throw my hair up when it gets in the way.  And you will always have one for sport.

Aviary Photo_131359315394919260

To me gum and mints are an essential in my bag. I always carry a packet around with me. Just incase you were interested… I have the ‘Stimorol ice intense mint’ (i’m not sure if I have ever seen this in the UK, but anyway a packet of Extra will do the trick!)

I also always carry a perfume or spray with me because sometimes we just feel like we need to just freshen up, especially useful after those gym lessons and anytime during the day.

Aviary Photo_131359315922506738

The next thing which I like to carry around with me is a little bit of makeup so that I can top up whenever I need to. I usually carry around a foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, powder and 2-3 brushes. I usually change my makeup up a bit so my makeup kit usually changes. I also always carry around a lip balm with me, especial during the colder months. (but I usually keep this in a separate bag, because I dont always carry this around with me). The lip balm shown above is one from Boots, it came with two others, but this is my favourite, it smells and tastes amazing!

I also have a pocket mirror stashed away in my essentsial kit, which comes in handy quite often… Because lets admit it we all probably have one of those friends which would draw on your face in the middle of class and you would sit there for the next 15 minutes, mindlessly trying to wipe it off.

An item which sometimes is not always in my kit, but I always try to include when I can is a pair of headphones. I usually use these when I listen to music on the train or during lessons.

But anyway these are pretty much all of the items I have in my school essential kit. Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to comment some of the things that you carry around with you!


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