DIY Pin-Board

Hello Everyone!

Now if you’re like me you’re probably not always the most organised apple in the bunch, I mean we all have moment of extreme chaos when it comes down to being organised. I mean I for one am always misplacing important letters and documents. But, today I am going to share with you this super easy, only 10 minute job cardboard pin-board.

So I’m going to start of by telling the things that you will need, you will most likely have all of these items around the house!:

need pin boar

  • A piece of  thick cardboard the size and shape that you want your board to be. (If like me you may have to stick a few pieces together if you dont have a big enough piece).
  • Material, slightly bigger than your piece of cardboard. You could even use an old t-shirt.
  • Some tape or a glue gun to stick the material to the board
  • And of course some push pins. I got some in the colours: blue, pink, purple and white. (Just because I like the colours to match my bedroom. :))

Now there is only really one step to this DIY, all you need to do is to lay your piece of cardboard flat on the material and fold it around the back and securing with your tape or glue gun. You’re basically wrapping the material around the cardboard and securing at the back. All you then need to do is pin whatever you like to it, photos, notes, important events, etc and place it either on you wall or wherever you want it!

And there you go a super easy, DIY pinboard! 🙂


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