Hello Again Everyone

I hope you are all having a fab day! I would like to quickly apologise for my lack of posts recently, i’ve been rather busy lately. But also I didn’t want to rush any half-done blog posts I want to sit down and enjoy writing them. But anyway today I am going to be doing a review of the Eco-Tools ‘lovely looks: The Glamorous Glow Look’!

I picked my set up during my last trip to SuperDrug, (which I must admit is one of my favourite stores), for  £13. The set contains 5 travel-sized brushes intended for different uses (foundation,blush, eye-shadow, eye-liner and lip). The brushes that come with this particular set are absolutely perfect for creating that simple, yet elegant, everyday make-up look.

One thing that I must say about all the brushes in this set and the company Eco-Tools itself, is that I absolutey love the fact that they create cruelty free products and use recycled materials to create an environmentally friendly product. The brushes themselves are very good quality and all have smooth, soft bristles, I have also had no problem with shedding!

The brushes are complete with recycled aluminium ferules (which are complete with a cute, green leaf design), a smooth bamboo handle and super soft, cruety free bristles. Which are a go to when picking out make-up brushes.

Blush/Powder Brush

Aviary Photo_131343199137037130

I personally prefer to use a larger brush to apply powder, But to apply a pop of colour to your cheeks this brush is perfect. The bristles are not too dense which means that you can apply a small, thin layer of product, meaning you won’t have such an obvious colour. Perfect for that natural look.

Foundation Brush

Aviary Photo_131343198574732009

Now I don’t usually tend to use a flat brush to apply my foundation I usually tend to use a sponge or a stippling brush, but the foundation brush in this set is angled for perfect precision and the sleek bristles make application a treat! I do find this brush extra useful for when blending product around the nose or eyes.

Eye-Shadow Brush

Aviary Photo_131343198879848851

The dense and tapered bristles of this eye shadow brush are absolutely perfect for applying those shadows and colours to the eye.  Now in the whole set this has got to be one of my most used and favourites! I find this particular brush very useful to blend and apply shadows on to the lids and I find myself reaching for it pretty much everyday.

Lip Brush

Aviary Photo_131343205267193429

This small little brush is very ideal for applying darker or even lighter colours to the lip with absolute percision. I absolutely love the shape of the brush and the soft point at the end just helps to have absolute control over the application.

Eye-Liner Brush

Aviary Photo_131343199565176530

And last but not least we have the eye-liner brush. I personally love the sturdiness of the bristles of this brush, which really helps when you are trying to perfect that cat eye. However I personally prefer an angled eye liner brush rather than a flat straight brush, but still this brush is super handy to have in your make up bag.

Overall I would really reccommend this brush set to anyone, especially beginners as the range of brushes really do help you to create that perfect make up look. Some may find the small size difficult or not ideal to work with, but I must admit the quality of this product hugely makes up for their tiny size! One thing that I would like to note about this product is that over time, with use the logo will wear off (like mine), but this does not affect the overall quality of the product.



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