Why hello there,

I see you’ve stumbled onto this little blog. Well folks today I’ve got another little review for you. Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘MUA Pixel Perfect Multi-Blush’ (In ‘Pink Blossom). This blush costs £3 and I picked mine up from my last trip to Superdrug, (Which is a store I absolutely adore!)


The blush itself is super pretty in the pan, it has a mixture of soft pinks and purples in a dotted pattern. ‘Swirl and blend the fusion of colours to create a beautiful, soft blush shade’ is what the actual blush states. And I must admit the blush is very soft, its not too bright and it adds a bit of sparkle to your cheeks when you stand in the light. I must also say that the blush is so so easy to blend, which is very handy for that natural look!


I personally really love this blush, I must admit I do find myself reaching for this product on a daily basis, because I love how natural it looks, but how it adds a subtle pop of colour to your cheeks. I’ve never been  one to wear huge amounts of heavy blush!


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